Days 16 & 17, auf wedersehen Munich, ahoj Bratislava  

Up at 7:00 p.m. and Barry leaped into the shower while I tried to catch a few more zzzz’s. Eventually, though, I was forced to drag my sorry butt out of bed and clean up for the train ride to Bratislava. We got our train tickets the day before and opted to splurge a bit by purchasing business class seats. Even though we haven’t exactly been living a pauper’s life in our travels, we haven’t been living like jet-setters, either. How frustrating to realize later that the frau in the Munich ticket office screwed us royally on tickets to Bratislava.

After grabbing a breakfast of pastries and coffee (I LOVE European meals), we waited for the train to Vienna where we would disembark and catch another train for the final leg to Bratislava. Continue reading