Apology 1.0, bipolar disorder 1.0

I feel the need to apologize to everyone who is following my blog.  For the last month I have only written two posts.  This one makes three.

I have to admit that I have had absolutely no desire to write.  Activities with my book are not terribly interesting right now.  The adoption issue cannot be discussed ad infinitum. With my birth father’s death in British Columbia and the completion of all responsibilities regarding his estate, there just don’t seem to be that many issues facing me, hence, no posts.  And for that lack of posts, I apologize.  I don’t like disappointing my readers.  And I certainly don’t want them (you) to think that I don’t care about writing.  I do.

But it’s more than that.  For some time my bipolar disorder has been totally out of whack. The past few weeks have been especially bad, hence my absence from writing.  It is infuriating.  I am on lithium for my depression.  I remember fondly when my counselor was finally able to get the dosage for my medication right.  I felt I had been given a new lease on life.  I could deal with problems and stresses.  I enjoyed my hobbies and interests again.  I was thrilled. Continue reading


Advice for biological parents

Continuing on in this vein is my advice to biological parents anticipating the arrival of the adoptee.

Bear in mind, that my musings are just that–musings. And they’re mine. I’m sure that any adoptee, adoptive parent or birth parent could add perhaps chapters along the same line. My intention is to give insight, especially to those who might be facing this experience for the first time. Continue reading