“I love the nightlife”–thank you, Alicia Bridges

The nightlife of Lviv, Ukraine rivals any place in Europe, as far as I’m concerned. I have to admit that I have not been terribly involved in it this trip. I’ve been so occupied during the day, that I’m dead by the time I get home. Too, it doesn’t get dark here until about 10:00 p.m. which makes it hard if I want to take photos.

And take photos I did. Lviv residents impress me with their love of color, flowers, lighting and architecture. They know how to accent a building with colorful flowers spilling out of window boxes. Balconies adorn practically every building and I swear that no two balconies are alike. Makes me wonder if past Lviv residents were all fans of Romeo and Juliet.

The color explosions and architectural embellishments remind me of very much of Italy. Many buildings in Lviv are quite dirty and need some tender loving care. This is occurring. I’ve said it for two years, ever since my first visit–Lviv has the potential to take its place among the great cities of Europe. I consider it the Pearl of Eastern Europe.

And right now Lviv is undergoing a renaissance. Many people are moving here from eastern Ukraine. People from other nations are moving here. Those who want to progress and who are looking for opportunity, are finding it in this city. Eastern Ukraine is still too influenced by Russia, therefore people are heading west.

And Lviv has always had more in common with the West. Aside from the occupation by the Soviet Union, Lviv developed mostly under the rule of the Polish and Austro-Hungarian empires. Hence, its status as a cultural and educational center. This is also reflected in its glorious architecture. It hearkens back to a time when building construction was an art form which is obvious in the proliferation of balustrades, parapets, wrought iron and the aforementioned balconies.

So, I’m going to shut up and just include some of the majesty of Lviv. Hope my readers enjoy it.


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