About Robert (Bob) Mulkey

This blog is based on the book "This is My Lemonade--An Adoption Story". The book follows an adoption journey of more than thirty years and the experiences that continue to color the author's life, including a move to Italy and travel throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Robert (Bob) Mulkey was born in Silverton, Oregon and grew up in the mid-Willamette Valley. He attended Oregon State University in Corvallis, graduating with a BS in Sociology and a minor in Geography. His writing career started in high school and continued into college. Mulkey’s professional background stretches over thirty years and includes management experience in retail trade, transportation, logistics, real estate, cable television. Upon graduation in 1982, writing took a back seat to economic issues however he contributed writing, editing and research for such organizations as BestPlaces.net, International Facilities Management Association, Western Economic Research and the Oregon Secretary of State. He wrote two technical journals—Population Trends in Oregon and Population Trends in California and has been published in The Oregonian. Mulkey’s first book, "This is My Lemonade—An Adoption Story" is the result of a lifelong search for answers, identity and acceptance. The book is unique in that it traces the journey of an adult adoptee over a literal lifetime as he juggles two families and two identities. The search took Mulkey from a comfortable, middle class life in suburban Salem, Oregon to an international identity in Italy where he met his biological father’s family. "Lemonade" was inspired by family, friends and strangers who were fascinated by the unusual circumstances of Mulkey’s adoption and encouraged him to write a book about his experience. Mulkey has recently returned from Alba Adriatica, Italy where he lived as an expatriate, embracing his heritage, learning Italian and strengthening ties with the extended family on his father’s side. He used this opportunity to travel to Lviv, Ukraine and Krakow, Poland to research his mother’s side of the family. Mulkey’s next project includes a partner book for "Lemonade" chronicling the genealogical search for his mother’s family.

“Hello, how are you? Have you been alright”?–thank you, ELO

It’s been six months since my last posting. I’m not sure what possessed me to write tonight.

I have to say that I have kind of missed this blog. It had been a friend for more than three years during perhaps the most exhilarating time of my life. It was my go-to place. Through this blog, I was able to chronicle the writing and and self-publishing my first book. I used it to discuss my decision to quit my job and pursue my book. And when I made the momentous decision to move to Europe to find my biological mother’s family for my next book, my blog was there. Continue reading

I pulled a Nike; I did it and I’ll do it again.

I spent the evening re-reading blog posts from March and April of 2015. It’s amazing how much one forgets.

In March of 2015 I was in Krakow and Warsaw, Poland researching genealogy for my next book. In April I traveled to Lviv, Ukraine to visit the home of my maternal ancestors. I actually found family there. Re-reading my posts was riveting. Continue reading

“Roll with it”–thank you, Steve Winwood

I have another potential option to consider in whether or not I return to Europe.


Lviv is a city on the rise. I noticed, especially during my second visit, that the city had a dynamism about it. Civil works projects were underway. Apartments were being renovated, new businesses were opening. The cafes and restaurants were full. Everything we read about Ukraine does not apply to Lviv. Continue reading

“Some kind of wonderful”–thank you, Grand Funk

Continuing on the theme of returning to Europe for good, there are many things to consider.

In discussing a possible return with friends, several people have reminded me of the problems and frustrations I had when I lived in Italy in 2015. First and foremost was the internet/cell phone debacle. Then there was the frustration of having no personal mode of transportation. There was the loneliness, the unemployment, the language barrier. Continue reading

“Us and them”–thank you, Pink Floyd

I’ve never gone this long between blog postings. Truthfully, I’ve had very little to say. The job search continues. That is the biggest thing in my life right now. Continue reading

“River of dreams”–thank you, Billy Joel

Lately I’ve been contemplating the flip side of my adoption coin. I’ve done some re-reading of my posts and started pondering what it was like for my father and brother when I first went to Vancouver, B.C. to meet them. What was it like for my family in Italy? What is it like now for my new family members in Ukraine? Continue reading

“Waiting to exhale”–thank you, Whitney Houston

I think I might have found a format for the next book. This search can best be described as similar to hunting for the non-existent snipe in junior high. But, I think this format will work.

I’m probably going to follow the same style as Lemonade. I will write about my experience of taking my adoption story and genealogy to the old country of Ukraine. I will detail the search in the Krakow, Poland archives and traveling to Warsaw, Poland to research there. I’ll talk about my findings. Continue reading

“It’s a little bit funny”–thank you, Elton John

Sometimes I think I’m going to have to quit making definitive decisions on my writing. I’ve stated that “I’m done” with the adoption thing, discussing it, obsessing over it, etc. (Although, I have left room for a caveat to occasionally return to the topic.) I also made the decision a few weeks ago to end this blog on February, 1, the three year anniversary of its inception. Well, that lasted for all of two days. Continue reading

“Mother and child reunion”–thank you, Paul Simon

Another birthday blog posting. I know, I said I was done with the adoption thing–but remember my caveat that I still might feel compelled to return occasionally.

Today is my birthday. As with every year, I have to stop and ponder how I got to this point. Virtually all my friends think the same thing. Where did the years go?

I think that’s one of the reasons I press onward with my experiences, my searching and my desire for answers. Life is too short. I don’t want a mundane life of blandness. And I guess one could say I didn’t get it. I certainly got more than I ever bargained for. Continue reading