“Roll with it”–thank you, Steve Winwood

I have another potential option to consider in whether or not I return to Europe.


Lviv is a city on the rise. I noticed, especially during my second visit, that the city had a dynamism about it. Civil works projects were underway. Apartments were being renovated, new businesses were opening. The cafes and restaurants were full. Everything we read about Ukraine does not apply to Lviv.

Situated a couple of hours from the Polish border in the western portion of the country, Lviv is distinctly Ukrainian with a serious tilt towards Europe, hence the investments occurring. Indeed, right before I left Europe for good in November, USA Today wrote an article on how Lviv has been discovered by Europeans. Once America finds it, it will all be over.

Until then, the city brims with promise. And this is where my other option comes into play. My former host, Ed, has been extolling the virtues of Lviv since I arrived last April to stay with him. He’s encouraging me to return, saying that the surest way to make money in Lviv is to open an IT company. My brother is in agreement.

IT professionals make a maximum of about $1500/month in Lviv–and live quite well with that income. Plenty of companies in the area need IT professionals. And they are talented, educated, bi-lingual. Such services could be offered remotely to companies in Portland where IT professionals command salaries in excess of $150K.

So that’s something to consider. I find it a bit daunting. Returning to Italy is one thing. I know the language and the culture. I’m familiar with the way of life. I can read the Italian language.

Ukraine is different. I don’t know the language, although Ed has said I can learn the Cyrillic alphabet in two weeks and have a working knowledge of the language in a couple of months. I also know nothing of IT work, although I can find help with that. Ukraine is the Wild West, blessedly void of intrusive governmental red tape but also disastrously missing such necessities as, oh, laws.

It is a bold decision. I’m in no hurry. I’m just gonna roll with it. There’s no timeline. I’m still looking at opportunities here in Portland. I have several possibilities looking at me and I expect to have a job soon.


1 thought on ““Roll with it”–thank you, Steve Winwood

  1. First of all Bob was is “an IT professional” – never heard of it.

    Secondly, I know whatever decision you make will be one that you have given much thought and did the pros and cons. Anything can really be “ undone” if necessary.,


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