Advice for adoptive parents

In my previous posting, I discussed advice for adoptees who are seeking or thinking of seeking their birth families. While I might not have covered everything, I did my best. However, I reserve the right to write an addendum.

This posting offers advice for adoptive parents. As an adoptee, I fully understand that I cannot give advice from the standpoint of an adoptive parent. As a matter of fact, I would covet a response from any adoptive parent. I’m sure it is a given that this post is purely from the perspective of an adoptee (me) and is not meant in any way to usurp any opinions of adoptive parents. Continue reading


Advice for adoptees

I have been interviewed by ten different radio stations and almost all of them have asked this question: “What advice do you have for adoptees who are considering a search for their biological family?” Believe it or not, this question is not terribly easy to answer.

As an adoptee with a thirty-six year history of knowing my identity and having a relationship with my biological family, I am speaking not only from experience but from a literal lifetime of knowledge of emotions that have included acceptance, identity, abuse, rejection, dismissiveness, jealousy, hatred and validation. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Continue reading