“River of dreams”–thank you, Billy Joel

Lately I’ve been contemplating the flip side of my adoption coin. I’ve done some re-reading of my posts and started pondering what it was like for my father and brother when I first went to Vancouver, B.C. to meet them. What was it like for my family in Italy? What is it like now for my new family members in Ukraine? Continue reading


“Waiting to exhale”–thank you, Whitney Houston

I think I might have found a format for the next book. This search can best be described as similar to hunting for the non-existent snipe in junior high. But, I think this format will work.

I’m probably going to follow the same style as Lemonade. I will write about my experience of taking my adoption story and genealogy to the old country of Ukraine. I will detail the search in the Krakow, Poland archives and traveling to Warsaw, Poland to research there. I’ll talk about my findings. Continue reading

“It’s a little bit funny”–thank you, Elton John

Sometimes I think I’m going to have to quit making definitive decisions on my writing. I’ve stated that “I’m done” with the adoption thing, discussing it, obsessing over it, etc. (Although, I have left room for a caveat to occasionally return to the topic.) I also made the decision a few weeks ago to end this blog on February, 1, the three year anniversary of its inception. Well, that lasted for all of two days. Continue reading