Days 13 & 14, Munich

So, we arrived in Munich from Innsbruck and got here relatively early, around 12:30. After depositing our baggage at Amba Hotel near the train station, we started touring around Munich.

Barry visited Munich last year so I relied on him totally to navigate the subway system. I’ve been on the Metro in Rome, Vienna, Prague and Moscow. Moscow was difficult with that Cyrillic alphabet. But Munich would have been a disaster for me because I found none of the names were decipherable.

It amazes me how one word here can have sixteen letters. By the time a word has been spoken, you could have run around the block. And, at the risk of insulting my friends of German descent, I have to say that the German language does sound somewhat harsh. I listen to people on the Metro and it sounds like they’re all trying to hock loogies. Also, a couple of times I’ve heard someone yell out “Schnell!” or “Achtung!” which caused me to involuntarily raise my arms in surrender. Continue reading