Days 20 and 21, Goodbye, Budapest, Hello, Warsaw

Before retiring for the night on day 19, we took a stroll along the Danube again and visited a park in the middle of the river. A fountain and light show was occurring. It resembled something out of Bellagio in Las Vegas and was quite opulent.

Bob and the Burgermeister Meisterburger

Bob and the Burgermeister Meisterburger

Our last day in Budapest saw us taking in the world-famous mineral baths in Budapest. I had completely forgotten about them until Barry brought them up. Immediately, I was determined to go. Initially, Barry kind of hemmed and hawed. But as I prepared to leave for the spa, he decided to join me.

Budapest has about eight of these mineral baths and they are probably nothing like you imagine. I researched them online and each one seemed unique. Most are on the Buda side of the river. Ours was on our side, the Pest side so that’s where we decided to go. Whether or not it was the right decision, I don’t know, because it was quite a distance to walk. Continue reading