Days 6 & 7, Ascoli Piceno! La famiglia!

Let’s see. When last we left Barry and Bob they were still reveling in the beauty that is Florence, Italy.

Our last day in Florence was yesterday so we opted to visit the Uffizi museum. We spent probably two and a half hours in this iconic place, marveling at the artwork and statuary. After the tour, we went back to our hotel to collect our luggage. We were chagrined to find out that we were being charged for our breakfasts which we had (mistakenly) assumed were gratis. We paid 6.50 euros apiece for what was basically hard bread, runny yogurt, some pastries and brown swamp bilge incorrectly identified as “coffee”. Next time we will be more attentive.

Upon leaving, I took a photo of Le Fonticine where we had our last meal the night before. If anyone is going to Florence, you must eat at this restaurant. I had a tortellini with wild boar that was exquisite. The house wine was also very good which is pretty much the rule in Italy.

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