Day 31, New York!

Eight-thirty a.m. and I’m awake. I arrived yesterday around 2:00 p.m. at JFK Airport in New York. The nine and a half hour flight from Moscow seemed to go quickly, probably because I was watching movies the entire time, “Big”, “Ray” and another one I can’t remember. Hey, I just woke up, what do you want?!

It took nearly four hours to get to my hotel a couple of blocks from Central Park. I took a shuttle because a taxi was $65. Perhaps I should have taken the taxi. The driver must have been from Mombasa because I was car sick from his driving. Traffic was horrible, one of the reasons it took so long. By the time I reached my room, I thought I’d take forty winks to get my energy level up. I slept instead for thirteen hours. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in awhile. Dreamed I was on the cast of Friends. Where did that come from??

The hotel room is $150/night and tiny. Bathroom is a closet. This is, after all, New York City. I almost feel like I’m back in Europe. It makes sense, New York City developed much like the European cities because it was settled by Europeans and suburbanization didn’t occur until after WWII. Portland developed much later as did much of the western cities in America. This is why we’re so spread out.

After a shower and my complimentary breakfast I’m heading out to do some sightseeing. Hmm, I’ve been spoiled by complimentary breakfasts in Europe. Wonder if this one will just be Costco muffins and Folger’s? Not sure what I’m gonna see or how far things are. It’s supposed to be 81 degrees today but probably humid. There’s so much to see–Times Square, Wall Street, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Broadway, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty. How does one decide??

Tony and his girlfriend arrive late tonight so I probably won’t see them. Tomorrow we’re going to the Empire State Building, a comedy club, the Comedy Cellar and then out for an Italian dinner. I leave at noon on Wednesday for home.

Then I go into overdrive.