Day 15, Munich and…Dachau…

Well, today provided a very somber experience. I guess one cannot really visit Germany without experiencing one of the concentration camps from the Nazi era. This is what we had on our agenda today. Dachau. As I’ve mentioned a number of times, Barry visited Germany last year and, as a high school teacher, is well read on these issues.

As for myself, I’ve obviously read about the concentration camps, but Barry filled in many of the blanks. Dachau was the first of the concentration camps and was not originally intended as a death center. Originally, it was for “processing” people for ultimate transit to other concentration camps where they would be tortured, gassed, shot or murdered in some other heinous fashion.

Walking through the gates of Dachau was a surreal experience. As one enters, the words “Work will set you free” in German greet you. I’ve heard of this “greeting” and seen it on TV many times. But witnessing it with my own two eyes was very troubling. Continue reading