Day 19, Budapest

So, today was wonderful, too. I have to admit that Budapest is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cities in Europe. Of course, I still have many others to visit, but this place is capturing my heart. The fact that it’s so inexpensive helps!

Today was very warm, close to 90 degrees. We decided to walk to the Budapest Museum,  the Magyar (Gypsy) Galleria, and the Matthias Church. They were all magnificent. I have to admit, though, that my sensory perception is on overload. I don’t know how many more grand buildings with breathtaking architecture I can take. Every night I have to do a brain dump so I can absorb the glories that I will see the next day.

2014-07-15 11.36.29After spending several hours touring the grounds of these magnificent structures, it was

time for a nap. I have to sheepishly admit that we have been doing this every day we’ve been in Europe. We start out early with the best of intentions and by the time one or two o’clock rolls around, we’re ready for a snooze. Sucks. Continue reading

Day 18, Budapest

The dinner we had the night before we left Bratislava did not disappoint. Barry and I both had a chicken dinner with a mushroom sauce that was incredible. This, from a person who does not particularly care for mushrooms. The only negative was our waiter who had the personality of a brick and a bit of an attitude. We walked back to our hotel room and conked out again.

The next morning we took the bus to the train station in which we arrived. After speaking to a person at the booth, we found out we needed to go to a different train station to take us to Budapest. So, we got on another bus to get to the Central Station.

As we approached the final stop at the Central Station, a man came up to us asking to see our tickets. We showed him our tickets and he explained in very basic English that our tickets had expired and we would have to pay a fine–50 euros apiece! The equivalent of $67.50! Shocked, we started digging in our pockets. Barry found a 100 euro note and the guy generously told us he would charge us 50 euros for the two of us. Then he handed another 20 euros back. As a result, we ended up paying about $22 apiece. But it was an expensive lesson considering a bloody bus ticket is only the equivalent of $.94. Continue reading