It’s curious

It’s curious.

I’ve been watching along with millions worldwide the terror attacks in Paris. One of the terrorists apparently entered the European Union through Greece on an invalid Syrian passport. Everyone is on edge. After the recent onboard bombing of a Russian jet over the Sinai, ISIS has elevated itself to a higher level of danger than we’ve ever experienced. Continue reading

LUXOR! Day five

I started bright and early today to make up for lost time. I have decided that Luxor will be on my “re-bucket” list. That is, a list of things I want to do again. It will join Budapest, Prague, Paris, Israel and Morocco as places that I’d like to re-visit.

I made it to breakfast and pigged out on the elaborate spread. I’m not feeling too guilty about eating a lot. As I stated earlier, I seem to be keeping the weight down and now I feel the need to bulk up. There is no chance that I will ever waste away, but I don’t want to be too thin. I’d like to have a bit of meat on my bones. It will be interesting to check my weight at my health club back in Italy. Continue reading