Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Celebrate good times, COME ON!”– thank you, Kool and the Gang

Every time I start to get a bit worried or my confidence starts to wane, something pumps me up.

A major blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers had agreed to accept one of my adoption-related postings as a teaser right before her adoption series in November which is National Adoption month. I was grateful for the opportunity.

I wrote the article, something I discussed in an earlier post, and submitted it. Today I received an email from this woman telling me she liked my story so much that she was bumping another posting that wasn’t as strong and moving me into the thirty day series. The net result? Readership for my posting will increase exponentially.

This is what I meant in the past when I talk about blessings coming when you need them.

You see, I had been considering submitting an article to the Huffington Post. For several years they had been celebrating National Adoption Month in November with guest postings all month relating to adoption. I stumbled upon these articles as I was cruising the Web one day.

As I ultimately found out, this column had been syndicated to THP and belonged to this lady. She had since canceled the syndication rights. I was now at the source for the blog which meant I would reach a more pure readership. Rather than submit something to THP, I am sending it to the gal who owns the blog, Portrait of an Adoption.

I also realized something today after this great news. I cannot expect this blog to result in a substantial sales boost although I do think there’s a better chance of an increase than I had from other opportunities. But I’m not getting my hopes up. I automatically assumed I would have sales increases from each step–marketing my book, radio interviews, book signings, newspaper articles. Instead, nothing. Although, I might be able to trace two sales to my radio interview in Eugene, Oregon. Other than that, nada.

Even after my worldwide podcast with Finding the Voices, nothing materialized. That truly surprised me. But, as with all aspects of this writing thing, I’m finding that every step in the just brings me closer to the goal.

I won’t get my hopes up for a sales spike from this posting even though the blog has hundreds of thousands of readers. I will just hope that it reaches more influential people to take me to the next step.

However, I will CELEBRATE!!!!




1 thought on “Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Celebrate good times, COME ON!”– thank you, Kool and the Gang

  1. Like I have always said, NEVER give up your “God given talent of the word!” You could write about sipping lemonade and make it interesting. WAY TO GO BOB!!

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