The pursuit continues

Sometimes I’m such a dunce. I just found out that November is National Adoption Month. A good buddy of mine told me. He works for a TV station in Eugene, Oregon and gave my book to one of the primary people there. They are actually considering it and me for an interview to commemorate the month. He then told me via Facebook about National Adoption Month.

Now why didn’t I know that? Why didn’t I research that during all this work to promote my book? Yes, an argument can be made that I’m doing all the work with no one to help me, but, DAMN! I could have been working that angle for months in order to garner some sort of leeway into interviews.

Nevertheless, I’m using it now. And thanks to my awesome buddy, Doug, for looking out for me and trying to help me. Now it’s up to me to, once again, take the knowledge I have and run with it.

With this knowledge I am now using it as yet more leverage into radio stations and television stations. A couple of radio stations are very interested in addition to those I’ve contacted. I’ve contacted every TV station in Portland and am pursuing those in Bend, Eugene, Medford, Roseburg and Salem. I’ve also decided to go out of state and pursue the Seattle TV stations. Probably quite a long shot, but who knows, eh?

But the biggest prize for me would be Vancouver, British Columbia. I reasoned to myself that this topic would be HUGE for them. Think of it: an unmarried woman from B.C. travels to Oregon to live with a couple and give up her son. Biological father attempts to keep child and is arrested and imprisoned for his efforts. Her son searches for the family and meets them (sans bio mother who already died) in B.C. Said son has a tumultuous relationship with his Canadian family. Nevertheless, the biological family takes the son to Italy to meet the extended family. Adopted son also starts proceedings to try and clear bio father’s name for his unfair arrest. I mean, GOOD LORD! Who wouldn’t want this story???

Of course, I’m prejudiced. But I think it would fascinate people.

Once November is done, there won’t be much left for me to do to promote this book. I supposed at that point, I’ll pull out all the stops on the next one. I’m going to Italy for Christmas (Paris for New Year’s) and will have time on the long flights to write and make notes. Of course, once I’m in Italy, not much will get accomplished!

The pursuit continues. I’ve spoken to several translators and the cost is ranging from $4000-$16,000. I have people in Italy searching for translators for me. It will be interesting to see what happens. Once gentleman communicating with me is an Italian who recently relocated to Burbank, California. He is also a screenwriter which I found intriguing–until he told me that turning my book into a screenplay would cost $25,000! Might have to wait awhile.


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