Keep on keepin’ on

Looks like I’ll keep on keepin’ on.

Wouldn’t you know it? The minute I announce that I’m planning on ending this blog, the creative juices started flowing. I’m feeling the electricity that comes from inspiration. I’m getting excited about the second book. Along those lines, I wonder if I should keep going?

I can just hear the cynics–“Yeah, yeah, you were never really planning on ending this blog, Mulkey. It was just a promotional thing.”

To those who are (like me) predisposed to cynicism, I can only say…“Wrong”.

I had felt spent on this blog. As I mentioned before, there didn’t seem to be as much to say. Perhaps I needed to voice that frustration to jump-start the creative process. Perhaps it was all psychosomatic.

And I received a number of responses from people who encouraged me to keep going. Some want to know more about re-acclimating to American after living in Italy for a year. I have a feeling that writing the second book will keep some interested, too.

I had already done some work on the second book, but it just didn’t gel in my mind. Nevertheless, I kept past efforts in case I wanted to incorporate any of the ideas or styles I had written.

And as a “promotional thing” well, that’s for people who have many more followers than I have. There will be few, if any, “shares” or Twitter feeds announcing that I plan to continue sharing my pearls of wisdom.

This next book is going to be a slog for me. I’m still not certain how I’m going to approach it, even as I write the bloody thing. I can approach it from a number of different angles. The trick will be in keeping one approach, not incorporating several of them. How will I do that?

After returning from my genealogical research in Ukraine, I was awash in emotion from the experience. The entire research process had produced more than I ever expected, more than I bargained for. But It still seemed like it wasn’t enough to warrant a book. After all, my first book, This is My Lemonade–An Adoption Story, covered 34 years. This next book would cover perhaps two years. Was that enough time?

Under normal circumstances, perhaps it would. But, in my mind, it seemed like the majority of activity occurred in the space of a couple of months. Was that substantial enough? Was there enough for a whole book?

Granted, some books only cover a few months. If that’s the case, then why wouldn’t there be enough fodder for me?

I’ve been re-reading bits of Lemonade. It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten. In considering this, it becomes imperative to me that I write the next book, if for no other reason than to get these experiences and this information down.

Once again, this is a labor of love. My notoriety is not huge so I don’t expect a financial windfall or any real recognition. However, for those 6000 people who do have my book, for those of you following along because my blog interests you, for those of you interested in adoption, I hope there will be continued interest.

For me, it will be the sense of accomplishment in knowing that not only was Lemonade not a fluke, but that this information will be forever available to my descendants. And maybe, just maybe, others will be inspired to continue their search for family, whether they’re adopted or not.



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