Celebrate me home–thank you, Kenny Loggins

The holidays are here. Christmas is over and New Year’s is rapidly approaching. It’s been a quiet holiday season and I’m not complaining.

Facebook continually shows posts from the past, as “reminders”, I suppose. Sometimes I feel a bit melancholic, especially when the posts are from last year. The whole experience of life as an expat seems so foreign, pardon the pun.

But I’m still savoring Portland. We’ve had a huge amount of rain, record numbers. I’m not complaining. I’ve actually enjoyed it, along with the wind. Since I am laying low and just enjoying the holiday season, along with the rain, I’ve decided to just post a few pictures of my beloved Portland.

Celebrate me home.


Christmas tree, NOT a holiday tree, in downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square.


The almost-finished Park Avenue Tower.


The Portland Theatre


One of my favorite buildings, the Jackson Tower.


Christmas tree in Jamison Square


Love the art deco design of this sign on a condo tower.


Historic Pioneer Courthouse


Colorful street corner in the Pearl.


Lights, lights, everywhere.





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