Musings on Egypt

I’ve been back from Egypt now for three days. It was the experience of a lifetime, a visit that ranks up there with Israel. A few observations…

The Egyptian people are the friendliest people I have ever met. I have been to twenty-seven countries and have found the Egyptians to be the most forthcoming in hospitality.

Flies are omnipresent. Be prepared to swat them constantly.

The heat is unlike any heat I’ve ever experienced.

Being in a nation with such a vast archaeological history is overwhelming.

Seeing Christians and Muslims living together harmoniously is encouraging.

Egyptians seem to be fascinated with Americans. I lost count as to how many people asked for a photo with me or spontaneously ran up to me to welcome me to their country.

It is impossible to even scratch the surface of things to see and do in Egypt in one week. A month, minimum, is needed.

When you hire someone to be your guide (or driver), that person will turn into your confidant and have your back throughout your stay. He will be totally loyal–and should be compensated appropriately.

Cairo is filthy.

Besides the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum, there’s not much in Cairo.

Traffic laws are non-existent.

Traffic lanes are non-existent.

Honking horns seems to be the national anthem.

Pedestrians seem to be fair game.

Food is inexpensive.

Every car is dented.

For Christians, Egypt is a must-visit.

Garbage pickup is non-existent.

From what I could tell, the majority of women wear hi jabs. A few younger women didn’t.

Outside the central city, dirt is everywhere. I realized it is most likely blown in from the desert. In Giza, where I stayed, there was a coating of dirt on the streets and sidewalks. Sometimes several inches thick.

The land around Cairo is very fertile. I saw thousands of acres of date palm trees. Fresh fruit is always available.

Shellfish is eaten by Muslims in Egypt.

Alcohol is available everywhere.

Most Muslims are are not fundamentalists.

Many Muslims drink beer or smoke cigarettes. Many also enjoy looking at scantily clad women and don’t feel the need to dig out their eyeballs for doing so.

Egyptians are not fond of the American government, no matter who the president is.

Egypt is on my short, short list of places to visit again. It was fascinating beyond imagination for me. With so much culture and religious heritage, so much human history, Egypt will always hold a special place in my heart.


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