Liverpool redux…and a correction

Today when I visited my health club, I spoke with a British expat there named Deborah. Since I’ve been traveling, we haven’t seen each other yet she was aware that I had visited Liverpool, her hometown.

I told her how much I enjoyed my visit and I shared with her my observation that there didn’t seem to be many offerings by the Beatles to their hometown. Well, she set me straight.

As it turns out, Sir Paul McCartney started the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, one of the UK’s leading institutes for the performing arts. McCartney also supports the arts via concerts and encourages other stars to give lectures. From what Deborah said, Sir Paul also purchased the school he attended.

Sir Paul has also funded a cancer wing at a Liverpool hospital in memory of his beloved first wife, Linda and his mother, who both succumbed to breast cancer. And John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono apparently has donated money to schools and multiple causes in Liverpool.

I was glad to hear this. Mind you, I had only made an observation about Liverpool and the Beatles from visiting there. How much can one see in only four days? And since there wasn’t really any publicity about Beatles’ philanthropic efforts, one is left to wonder.

But then, perhaps that’s the nature of Brits. In America we trumpet our virtue from the mountaintops. I have a feeling Brits are much more subdued about their philanthropy. Of course, either way, it’s not my business. I had merely made an observation.

But it seems that Liverpudlians themselves are not aware of the Beatles’ generosity. I mean, my taxi driver was completely unaware of anything the Beatles had done for Liverpool. He told me that the general feeling among the population was that they were abandoned by the Beatles after worldwide stardom hit. The truth is the exact opposite.

I suppose I should have been more suspicious. After all, the opinions of any Liverpool taxi driver who is unfamiliar with Beatles tourist sites should be highly questionable, right?

I wanted to correct this mistake…just in case. Just in case what, you ask? Well, just in case someone somewhere sees it in the vast haze of the blogosphere and it gets back to the Fab Four or their estates.

Even though my puny little blog constitutes not even a blip on the world stage, I often consider the seven degrees of separation. What if? What IF?? I mean, I’ve had a number of people from the entertainment industry in Los Angeles start following my Twitter account which includes all my blog postings. Could something possibly filter to any of the ex-Beatles or their estates? Stranger things have happened.

So I stand corrected on my observations. Really, I was a bit lazy. With Google, all I had to do was a simple internet search and I wouldn’t be eating crow (with a fava beans and a nice chianti). But for anyone who might have read about my pilgrimage to Liverpool, you now know the truth.



1 thought on “Liverpool redux…and a correction

  1. I didn’t know about what Paul and Yoko had done there in Liverpool either, but I do remember hearing locals there complain about how the Beatles had left them…maybe in one of the documentaries?

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