Genealogical gems uncovered–in Canada

I wish I had about $50,000 more in my account.

I just found who I think are more relatives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am quite certain they are the family of my Great-Aunt Anna, the sister to my grandfather. I found a gentleman on who had made a posting back in 1998(!), looking for Bakuns from Kuty, Ukraine who had moved to Canada. In his posting, he mentioned a “Theodore” which is plausibly my grandfather. He also stated that he had mapped out the Bakun family in Canada, something I would dearly love to see.

I wrote back to him on I told him I was currently living in Italy and had recently visited Krakow and Warsaw, Poland as well as Lviv and Kuty, Ukraine. I told him I had photos and letters and had met Bakuns in Kuty and Lviv. Since his posting was so long ago, I have no idea if he even checks anymore.

However, my sleuthing (obsessive-compulsive?) abilities resulted in a huge find on Facebook. I found this gentleman’s name and left him a posting. I also found who I think could be one of his relatives; I don’t know. Nevertheless, this interesting little sidebar has got me verklempt all over again.

I am not planning on going to Winnipeg. Returning to America will put me in the dead of winter and I ain’t high-tailin’ it to the Great White North. Besides, at this particular bend in the road, everything can be done electronically. If we want to meet, we can do so via Skype and go from there.

This finding has encouraged me. I’m having enormous difficulty determining how to write this next book. I have contemplated writing it in a series of “letters” to my brother’s son. I’ve even got a couple of names thought up. I don’t believe I will write it in the manner of Alex Haley’s Roots for a number of reasons. First of all, his book was a groundbreaking masterpiece. Secondly, I feel his story is more compelling. I have a hard time believing that this book, if it ever gets written will surge much beyond the people who bought the first one.

Perhaps if I have the opportunity to chat with this person in Canada I will get a spark of an idea. Perhaps I will move in a different direction. I put pressure on myself feeling that this “product” must be out by a certain time and that’s what I’m fighting against. I don’t want this to be a “product”. Even if it turns into something as potentially maudlin as letters to my nephew, I want it to be a step better than Lemonade. I feel that, if I’m not progressing, why continue? Even if the story ends up truly compelling, if the telling of it sucks, what have I accomplished?


1 thought on “Genealogical gems uncovered–in Canada

  1. What do you mean “ what have I accomplished” —-dumb thing to say Bob, if nothing else, there should be some self- satisfaction. I think you under estimate your self a lot of the time. So “ KEEP ON KEEPING” my friend. MP

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