Europe, travel, genealogy, adoption and “the book”

Never has writing been as hard as it has been lately. It’s after midnight right now and I’ve just finished chatting with several people on Facebook and it somehow motivated me to put pen to paper. Or, rather, fingers to keyboard.

I’m throwing around ideas for this second book. I had initially thought about writing it along the lines of Alex Hailey’s approach to his masterpiece, Roots. I’ve been thinking about writing it as a series of letters to my nephew, my brother’s son, telling him his heritage, incorporating my brother’s fascinating life. I’ve even got a working title already.

No, I’m not going to reveal it.

My first book took two and a half years to write. I suppose I cannot really expect this book to just spit right out. In some ways, this book is huge for me, too. After I write it, will I ever write anything else? Do I need to? I never set out to be a writer or an author.

I do believe for now that, as I’ve said earlier, I need to just veg out. My friend suggested I just embrace the European lifestyle. Another friend is putting in a good word for me with a company in Amsterdam. I will be updating my LinkedIn profile and working with my headhunter friend on a European CV (which are MUCH more different than American ones). Perhaps I should focus on staying in Europe and not assume that I’m returning to America. Otherwise, it will be come a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have to admit that, sometimes I miss America. I’m starting to feel it a bit more. But it’s not a strong emotion. I guess my emotions are scattered. Tomorrow I hop on a train for the Cinqueterre to hook up with friends from my old hometown. It will be great to see them and it will be interesting to see if I get really homesick. The following week a high school buddy and his wife arrive in Ascoli Piceno and I will play tour guide for five days. Looking forward to that.

And that will provide another opportunity for homesickness. Will it hit? The pace is picking up with guests and travel. The weather is warm and sunny. And I’m sunburned. But I’m losing the weight I gained in Ukraine and Poland. So, I feel good. Everything feel comfortable and encouraging.

I’m reveling in the new family I’ve found. I’m reveling in the reception I received. I’m reveling in how fortunate I am to live in Italy and the joys I feel every day. Travel through Europe, North Africa, the Middle East. Friends visiting. Walks along the seashore promenade. Gelato. There’s no hurry. I have a lot to absorb still on this genealogy and adoption journey. But something tells me that the journey might be nearing its end.

I’m gonna savor everything for awhile.


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