Finished with the genealogy in Warsaw, Poland is winding down

Well, Wednesday came and all I was able to do was go in and put in a request for the records I wanted. The archivist told me to come back on Thursday to view them. That left me at loose ends on Wednesday.

Since I had been to Warsaw previously, I pretty much knew what was around and it wasn’t much. Most of Warsaw was bombed to bits in the war so there is very little that is historical or architecturally significant. So, I just wandered the neighborhoods, had lunch in an underground Irish pub. Visited a mall. A MALL, people! Watched movies on my laptop. It was a bit of a wasted day.

But when Thursday came, wow. Within an hour I had located about a dozen family members from my grandfather’s side of the family. By the time I was done for the day, I had found over thirty “Bakuns”. I do not know how many of them are related to my family, but I have to think that most of them probably are.

My grandfather’s family was from Kuty, Ukraine, a hamlet of maybe two hundred souls. Earlier, I had spelled it “Konty” as that was the information I found in the Krakow archives. Lord only knows how many people lived there a hundred and fifty years ago. Anyway, it stands to reason that most of the Baluns in this town would be family. And most of those I found were from Kuty, Ukraine.

I was unable to get marriage information, though. That is something I will have to try to find when I get to Ukraine. Kuty is about ninety minutes from Lviv where I’ll be staying. I’m going to have to try to find someone who can take me there and spend the day with me, interpret, and drive me back to Lviv. Of course, I’ll have to pay that person. Perhaps my host will be able to do so. Perhaps Marina, my brother’s girlfriend, can.

I know I keep saying this, but I absolutely cannot wait to get to Ukraine. I’m dying to see these little towns where everyone was born—the house where my grandfather was born. The churches where they were probably baptized. Could there be distant relatives still there? Would any of them know anything about the earlier generations?

I returned to Krakow on Friday. I hoped to hook up with Pavel and Kristina, my brother’s friends. Now that I’m pretty much done with my search in Poland, I’m anxious to get back to Italy to prepare for Ukraine. Although, I still plan on hitting the archive in Krakow again on Tuesday when it opens. I want to cover all my bases.

I’ve got this itch in my git-a-long.


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