Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–Poland Huit

It appears that, if I want an article published about my efforts to find my family roots in Ukraine, I will need to write it myself.

I contacted the editor of an English language newspaper in Lviv. I didn’t hear back from him so I sent another email last night, late. This morning he responded, saying he was very interested, but did not have the resources to devote to such a story. However, he was open to having me write it. He said he would look it over if I write it up.

This is something I will do. I’m kinda freaked, though. I have not done any reporting/news feature writing since college. Journalistic writing is a different animal than writing a book because it has a different writing style and approach. I’m sure I’ll remember how to do it. Writing is like riding a bike. But, after the passing of thirty-five years since any news feature writing, I’m rustier than a bike sitting through a winter rain.

I’ll have to ask him if he has a certain approach or style in mind. How long should it be? Does he want one article? Does he want a series? Personally, I would love doing a series even though it would ratchet up the pressure on me. With all the travel and research I have to do and the short time frame available, superimposing a series of articles over everything will add another layer of work. Yet, I DO enjoy working under pressure.

If it turns out that I have to travel to northern Poland, near Lithuania, I will ask him if he has any contacts in Warsaw newspapers that might be interested in this story. As I’ve been researching, I’ve come to believe firmly that I do have family up there, not down near Krakow. Yet, even if any articles are written, there’s no guarantee that distant family members will know about me.

So I’ll respond to his email and ask these questions. I am currently sitting in Pasticceria Vittoria having my last latte macchiato and pastry before I catch the bus for Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome. I’m staying in a hotel tonight and catching an early flight to Krakow tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to get going!

This whole experience just seems to keep taking new twists and turns. I have to admit that I love it. I get bored easily and enjoy new and interesting things. (The theft of my luggage in Milan does NOT qualify as new and interesting!). Maybe I need this vagabond-type life. But, if I’m constantly stimulated, is it possible that I could become over-stimulated? At fifty-six, I don’t want a premature stroke.

I will be doing my best to contribute to this blog every day that I’m in Poland. Jeez, between maintaining this blog, writing the article (series?), making notes for the book and writing parts of the book, my abilities should sharpen somewhat, don’t you think??


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