Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–detour to Ascoli Piceno Carnevale 2015

A bit of a detour.

Today I got the opportunity to go to Carnevale in Ascoli Piceno, a medieval celebration that the city has thrown for decades. It lasts for six days. My cousins have told me about it countless times. Indeed, my first image of my cousins is from a photo my father showed me when they were very young, decked out in their best homemade costumes.COFFIN

When my cousin, Maurizio told me Carnevale would be happening this weekend, I immediately decided I would go. I have to admit that my expectations were different from what I experienced. I was expecting jousting tournaments and flag competitions similar to Under the Tuscan Sun. Not on this night.

I took the train from Alba Adriatica to Ascoli Piceno, arriving about 5:00 p.m. Upon leaving the train station, I encountered hundreds of people streaming toward the Piazza del Popolo where the majority of activities occur. I had been in touch with my cousin, Maurizio, and his son, Stefano, to determine a meeting place. Continue reading