Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–Poland!

Well, the clock is starting to tick. In a little over five weeks I leave for Krakow, Poland to begin the research for my next book. For the uninitiated, this blog This is My Lemonade, is regarding my first book of the same name. It chronicles my adoption journey as I attempted to juggle two families and two identities, following my roots all the way to Italy. Yes, that is the connection to these blog postings starting with “Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy….”

So Poland will be the first stop on a journey that will also take me to Lviv, Ukraine. This particular trek is intended for my next as-yet-untitled book. I am attempting to follow my birth mother’s family. My maternal grandfather was born in Lviv, Austria-Hungary (today’s Ukraine) and my maternal grandmother was born in Krakow, Austria-Hungary (today’s Poland). Continue reading