Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–Palermo, DAY 2

My first full day in Palermo saw me traipsing all through town. Before I woke up, in my sleep, I could hear the rain pounding outside. I hoped, even in my slumber, that the rain gods would get it out of their system so I wouldn’t be drenched.


Teatro Massimo at night

After I woke up and got dressed, I went down to the hotel cafe for the continental breakfast. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. The scrambled eggs and bacon were ice cold and the milk was warm. The cappuccinos were decent, though.

I showered, brushed and flossed and ran my hands through my ever-growing mane. Hmm, the waves help make the unkempt look work. Is this the way authors wear their hair? No matter. I  I walked outside. The rain became intermittent throughout the day and actual blue sky sitings occurred on occasion. Continue reading