Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Vacation’s all I ever wanted…”–thank you, Go-Go’s

Life here in Italy is becoming more and more normal. My cousin, Sergio, was here for part of the weekend to sign final papers for the sale of his apartment in my building. He was very happy to hear how I’m settling in. I’ve still got my favorite cafe and bar and I have a grocery store that I patronize all the time. I now have my tutor scheduled and I’ve started lifting weights. I take walks and bike rides along the beach. I’m getting a routine down.

I’ve decided I’m going to spend my birthday (January 26) in Sicily. I’ve been wanting to go somewhere and Sicily is very inexpensive. I’ve purchased my flight (only $117 round trip!) and reserved a hotel for four nights. One catch–I have to fly out of Rome which means a 3 hour bus ride from here (and back). Oh well. Flying out of the nearest airport, Ancona, would cost $468.  Continue reading