Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Keep on truckin’, baby”–thank you, Eddie Kendricks

My back is getting better. Pain is almost non-existent. I only feel a spasm when I sneeze. That’s understandable when one considers this two-car honker I have for a nose. It’d kinda embarrassing. I’ve startled people in cafes to the point where they jump.

I’m only seeing the chiropractor once a week now. That’s an extra fifty euros in my pocket every week. Let’s see, that’s a savings of two hundred euros a month and a flight to Cairo is $305, plus a bus ride there of about $30. Then there’s hotel and food, the latter of which should be reasonable. Hmmmm.

But then, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is recommending against travel to Egypt. The potential for terrorist attacks is still high and radical Islamists could possibly target tourist areas such as cafes, hotels and resorts. I would stand out like a sore thumb as an American. Cairo is out for the foreseeable future.

Too bad it’s so cold in most areas, otherwise I’d head to some place like Dubrovnik or Zagreb. Anyone got any ideas??? I wonder how dangerous Casablanca is?

I’ve signed up for an Italian tutor. I found out that an English language school is two blocks from my apartment. How did I miss that? Here in Italy signs tend to be quite small, like people don’t want to be too successful. My first lesson starts on January 13. Twice a week to start. I’m excited. The school is owned by a couple. He’s from Toronto and she’s of Italian blood from Britain. They asked me why I was in this small town so I gave them the abridged version of my life and they were bowled over. I think I’ve got another sale…

After telling them about my book, they blithely commented that perhaps they could help me get my book translated into Italian. Wouldn’t that be incredible? I’m here now, I could promote it. Perhaps more radio interviews? TV? Print media?

They reassured me that my Permesso di Soggiorno is not a tremendous priority. That reassured me since I’m about six weeks behind in submitting it. I was also told that I don’t need my Italian citizenship. Jimmy, the husband, has had his residency for over thirty years. That’s reassuring. It means that, if I am able to stay longer, a residency permit will suffice indefinitely. Now if I could just earn some bread.

I am determined to take a trip somewhere soon. I’ve been feeling like I’m in a rut because I remain within a twenty mile radius. I’m surrounded by so much. I want to explore. My cup truly runneth over when I think of the options available. At this point, finances will choose for me. The cheapest flight and the cheapest hotels/food will make the decision. Because of this, I will most probably go to the Balkans or Northern Africa.

Travel, travel, travel. Keep on truckin’, baby.





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