Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–Detour, continued. Still in Berlin!

Yesterday was spent in the Berlin flea markets. We only hit two because we spent so much time in just one of them. That particular one was fascinating and went on forever. The first one reminded me more of Portland’s Saturday Market. It had lots of homemade items, lots of funky things that hearken back to a hippie-type era. I was surprised by the plethora of record vendors–Gloria Gaynor, ABBA, Johnny Mathis, Janis Joplin–they had everyone. They weren’t getting too much business, .

Katia and Natasha went off as we searched the vendors in the flea market. Katia remodels high-end apartments in Moscow and is always looking for home hardware–doorknobs, drawer handles, etc. Unique and antique is how she likes’em. I left them behind and went on my own, purchasing another miniature vase and a small cup and saucer. The latter purchased was inadvertent. The cup had a lid on it and when I picked it up for inspection, the lid slid off and shattered. Twenty-five dollars gone in a second. Oh well. Continue reading