Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Thank you, falletinme be mice elf, agin”–thank you, Sly and the Family Stone

I’ve been monitoring how well the book is doing. It’s remained in the Top 100 on Amazon in Parenting/Relationships/Adoption under “Books” and “Kindle Ebooks”. Today, though, it dropped out of “Books”. I was crestfallen. Truthfully, though, it is to be expected. An unknown such as I was lucky to get the rankings I did for as long as I did. Considering that there’s tens of thousands of books out there in this genre, I really can’t expect much more. I’m still in the Top 100 under Kindle and I’m thankful for that. Of course, I think all it really takes is a couple of sales to bring me back up the rankings. With Christmas coming, perhaps there will be some gift-givers out there. Continue reading