Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Start me up”–thank you, Rolling Stones

Finally, it’s started. I had been putting it off because it seemed too daunting. And I wasn’t sure where to start. The first time it fell together but it was still rough. This time I didn’t know what to do. But at least I did it.

I’ve got the first two paragraphs written for my next book! In this book, I will be researching the extended family on my birth mother’s side. My plan is to partner it with Lemonade. I’m thinking of writing it as a story of historical destiny. I don’t have a title yet. Not even a working title. I considered Ukraine/Poland for now. Not very sexy but it serves to identify the project and actually make it real as opposed to a future project. The name sounds like a socio-political diatribe. I’m really not even sure how I’m going to pursue this. At least with Lemonade, I was working with something I knew. Now I’m jumping into the abyss and not knowing what I’m going to find. Continue reading