Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“It’s been such a long time”–thank you, Boston

I don’t know if I remember the last time I wrote on this blog. I suppose I could just look at my calendar. Too much effort right now.

So, where to start? Hmm, it appears I haven’t even written about Dublin. OK, here goes.

I arrived in Dublin after sleeping most of the flight from the pain meds. Dublin lived up to its reputation–cold and rainy, practically a typhoon. Of course, I had no umbrella. Nevertheless, I was determined to get into town since I had a six hour layover. Got downtown and was unable to really enjoy it. From what I did see, though, I was impressed. The cabbie told me that the South Side is the upscale area and the North Side is more blue collar. The way he described it, you start out on the North Side and when you “make it” you move to the South Side. Continue reading