Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Roll with it, baby”–thank you, Steve Winwood.

So now the waiting starts. I had mistakenly thought that I sent off my visa application a week ago Friday. Actually, it was just last Friday. I guess that shows how anxious I’m getting. Gotta deal with it.

Now it’s a waiting game. I have everything done so I’m at loose ends. Just kinda hangin’. There’s nothing much to do. In a way, I guess that’s good. Once I land on Europe’s shores I will be very busy familiarizing myself with the area and the bus/train schedules, buying home items, getting internet/electrical/natural gas service. And, of course, I’ll immediately start the citizenship process.

And I’ll jump into the writing whole hog. I plan on doing a lot of sightseeing locally and writing about all the small towns that are oftentimes overlooked yet are so worth the time. It is entirely possible to spend half a day, if not an entire day, checking out these small burgs. These towns truly require you to slow down. And when you do, you find so much that you never expect. This is what I plan to write about. Something off the beaten path, something new, something different.

Yesterday I said goodbye to some people. I’ve got to admit that I’m enjoying all the attention. A former client and his wife took me to a very nice going away lunch in Eugene. Later that day, my cousin took me out for a very nice going away dinner in Eugene. There have been two going away parties so far and there are others who want to see me. Pretty nice send-off. I have a feeling that some people are thinking, “So LEAVE already!”

On another note, my brother had an idea for my stay in Italy. He wants me to try to sell the apartment I’ll be renting from him. Since I have a blog, website, Facebook page, et al, he feels I have contacts. I suppose I do. If I sell the apartment, I get a commission and will then move into his two bedroom (after he evicts the current tenants!). Then I would be attempting to sell the two-bedroom apartment. If both are sold, he told me I would then move into the villa.

Villa? Come again? Villa?

I think he’s planning on buying a villa he saw in Umbria. And I think the longer term plan might be for me to possibly live there and take care of the place–five bedrooms, pool, Jacuzzi and vineyard. All the while pursuing my writing. I think I might be somewhat motivated to write in such an environment, if I truly had to do it.


Living room

I don’t know when, or if, this will happen. It might take forever to get these apartments sold. I might not get them sold. By the way, here’s photos of the one bedroom apartment I’ll be renting. In case anyone is interested, you can contact me (shameless promotion). You see, I wanna get into that villa pronto!!

I guess one of the reasons of this particular blog posting is not only to just blather on incessantly about nothing of consequence, but to shill for my brother and get his apartments sold while selfishly drooling over the opportunity to maybe live in a five-bedroom Umbrian villa.

Hmm, could that statement cause envy and prevent potential sales? I’ll find out.


Bathroom. Yes, that’s a bidet.


Bedroom. Hoping that’s a king-size bed.

While blathering on, I remembered something interesting. Something to wake all of you up.

I suppose I should mention that I am going to be a guest blogger on the Portrait of an Adoption website. I had found this blog in my web search when I was looking for sites to advertise to offer my writing services.

This particular site had been syndicated on the Huffington Post for a number of years until the founder opted to end the relationship. I was glad to contact her because I had mistakenly assumed the series was tied to the Huffington Post. Now I’m working directly with the blog owner which makes the whole process more personal rather than dealing with a large corporation and having my submissions go into blog hell.

She seems excited about having me submit a blog posting. I had requested a spot during November, National Adoption Month, but her spots were already filled. She did, however, offer to let me submit a “teaser” article to promote NAM. Of course, I jumped at it. She is also allowing me to submit an article for next November. She has been a delight to deal with and I’m looking forward to working with her.



My article is ready and I’m having it edited before I send it off. I’ve told this young lady, Carrie, about my upcoming relocation to Italy to be near my extended biological family and embrace my Italian heritage. She is looking forward to a submission sharing my new experiences.

This is yet one more baby step (there’s those words again) toward success. What level of success, I don’t know. But with each step, I’m learning. It seems there’s always opportunities out there, but one must be choosy and pick the best ones. Mistakes will be made because some opportunities will not be actual opportunities. This one, Portrait of an Adoption, I believe will be good.

And I hope that somewhere along the way I will finally be able to direct traffic to my book and generate some sales. According to Carrie, her blog has hundreds of thousands of followers which would be tremendous for me in getting my name out there. If it generates sales, great.

My goal now (in addition to getting to Italy before the Second Coming) is to generate revenue. I had been somewhat piously pontificating about how the “art” is more important than the money. Well, the truth of the matter is that the money is getting to be more and more important and I have to support myself. A friend of mine pointedly told me that there’s nothing wrong with creating something of quality and wanting it to sell. No one wants to eat out of garbage cans.

Although I’m sure the garbage cans in Italy provide a feast…

Anyway, I’m anxious to get the blog owner’s response to this submission. I had been up late one night when the words started coming to me so I started writing. I finished at 2:00 a.m. After reading the posting, I thought it was crap. I re-read it again today, three days later, and I now like it. I guess it’s a good idea to read something when you’re awake. We’ll see if she likes it.

I realize this posting has been a mishmash. Sometimes my mind works so fast that my fingers can’t keep up. I’m just plugging along until I get to Italy because I don’t see much that is interesting until I get there. Maybe I’m missing something, but waiting is not terribly interesting to write about. Save for the info about Portrait of an Adoption, I don’t have much to say. I hope that I will have something a bit more interesting to write about prior to my impending departure. I hope that I will HAVE an impending departure.

I’m just going to have to roll with it. Not much more that I can do, eh?



4 thoughts on “Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Roll with it, baby”–thank you, Steve Winwood.

  1. SO SO enjoy reading your blogs, However, will also enjoy visiting you in the villa you will be living in. Only kidding, my long travel days are coming to an end at my age. Take care Bob, isn’t it nice to know how many people love you!!

  2. So where is this apartment and how much does he want? Can’t wait for you to live and take care of the villa…you will have many guests I’m sure:-) hope we can do lunch before you head to Italy!!

  3. The apartment is on the Adriatic in Alba Adriatica. It’s one bedroom and $100K. The two bedroom is $150K. Security building, about ten years old. Post office next door and coffee shop downstairs.

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