Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy—”The beat goes on”–thank you, Sonny & Cher

It can be a struggle to come up with things to write. It sometimes really is feast or famine. I guess that is what writing is about. However, even when it’s famine, one still has to pull musings or words of wisdom out of thin air. That’s the hardest part.

I must admit that I lapse sometimes. The blogosphere apparently requires constant submissions to prevent literary obsolescence. Will a week absent from my pearls of wisdom result in such? Will my adoring masses abandon me? I’m such a petite flower (with biceps). How will I cope?

There are times when I feel like I’m letting my readers down. I feel that every posting should say something earthshaking and profound. The truth is, no one can be constantly earthshaking and profound. And that includes me. Continue reading

Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“Money, well get back. I’m all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack”–thank you, Pink Floyd

So, this Kickstarter thing…

I checked it out tonight. I was intrigued when I heard about a man who attracted $50,000 in his efforts to make the best potato salad. I looked at that and thought, “Someone has finally created a website where unfathomable boobs can make money just by being unfathomable boobs”. Continue reading