Pursuing the expatriate life in Italy–“he (sic) works hard for the money”–thank you, Donna Summer

Finding work in Italy is going to be tough. For anyone who has watched or read the news the past few years, it is well known that Italy is an economic basket case. Northern Italy seems to be doing better than southern Italy with its concentration of corporations like Microsoft, H-P and GM. Southern Italy, however, is a totally different story.

And therein lies my problem. First, I will not be able to get an actual job with a company unless they can prove to the Italian government that there are no Italians who have my particular ability (most prominent of which is English language fluency). If a company were to find a position for me, they could apply for a business visa and voila! The issue of employment and immigration status are no longer a problem.

I’ve long thought that I will need to try and drum up interest in my writing even more while I’m here in America. I would like to get my writing to work for me. If I can get people to read my blog and purchase my book or request my writing services, at least I’d have money coming in. Along those lines, I have chosen the Huffington Post (among others) as a recipient of my work.

In researching THP I’ve found blog writers online who have been successful in submitting their writings. I hope to follow in their shoes. I have eighteen months of blog postings to choose from. All I need to do is choose the best ones and submit them.

And, frankly, I think one of my postings will be chosen. I’ve read some stellar posts on THP, the type that cause a writer to think “I wish I’d written that”. I’ve also read some things that are marginal. Since I consider my writing to be somewhere between marginal and stellar, I think I should be okay. Honestly, I consider my writings closer to stellar than marginal.

I’ve read a number of blog posts in THP and I am pretty sure I know what type of writing style they like. Something a bit more conversational. Something easy to read without the nineteen dollar words highlighting my book. And, since the topic of adoption is so popular, I figure I’ll be golden. A little humor doesn’t hurt, either.

If the blog post is accepted, who knows how long I’ll have to wait until publication? Some have waited a month. In reading, I found that one writer saw her most recent post receive 220,000 hits and 43,000+ shares. One doesn’t have to be a technophile to understand the ramifications of such a response.

Firstly, with such a response, THP will realize that you have what it takes to write and to reach people. This means that they will be more willing to publish your next article. They might even actually request an article. Secondly, the 43,000+ shares means that at least that additional number will also be reached with your article. Thirdly, in my case, these people will probably Google my name and be driven to my website and blog–and my book. The potential is clear.

I have at least two blog posts that I believe are stellar. I have many others that I think are great. I will start with the stellar posts, one in particular. I plan on blowing their socks off. From this I hope to be able to create buzz about my writing and my book, despite the fact that the book is already over a year old. It is my goal, no, my dream, to be able to live as a writer in Italy. I’m hoping that this might be a step in the right direction. Will more people discover me? Will they ask for my writing services?

I’ll be working hard for this money. If not this recognition.


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