Days 7 & 8–Living as an expatriate in Italy

The process of moving overseas is not necessarily one of constant activity. I have given my self two months to get everything done. Perhaps that is too much time, perhaps not enough. Nevertheless, I will do my best to finish it all.

One thing that is becoming apparent is the fact that not every day will be chock full of activity and errands and accomplishments. There is still a life to live and that must be incorporated into the responsibilities of the move.

I am currently living with one of my best friends until I leave. I already moved out of my house and liquidated more than half of my possessions. When it comes time to actually leave, all I’ll need to do is load up my luggage and take off for the airport.

Yet, while I’m living with Barry I will have responsibilities. I have offered to help him with projects on his property. He is gracious enough to let me live with him, shouldn’t I offer to help? Of course I should.

And it helps. Since, as I mentioned, not every day is full of preparations, helping him out also helps to pass the time so I’m not sitting and getting antsy. This underscores the fact that life does not stop, it continues, when you’re in preparations to move overseas.

I’ve already got some things done as I’ve already discussed. I’m also l totally packed. I’ve only got every day clothes and toiletries out now. The night before I leave, it all goes into a carry-on. That’s big right there. It also provides me the opportunity to remember things that I’ll need. As each day passes I’ll remember minor things that I like but can’t find in Italy. Blistex cream, for one. Do they have Aloe Vera gel? Hmm, better get a big bottle.

I keep thinking of yet more to add to my list. I need to contact AMNW a local television show about my move. Would they be interested in someone moving to Italy to be closer to his biological family and learn more of his heritage? How about the Oregonian newspaper or the Statesman-Journal in Salem?

And then there’s online publications. Would anyone be interested in the musings of a soon-to-be expatriate? Would anyone be interested in the musings of an adoptee who is going the extra mile to learn his heritage? I’m planning on visiting Poland and Ukraine to research my mother’s side of the family. Is that interesting to anyone? These are things I must consider and pursue since I will obviously need to support myself.

I’m glad I have so much to occupy my time, even if much of it isn’t actual activity. It keeps me from becoming anxious about what “might be”.


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