Day 27, Moscow

I have to admit that I’m having a hard time even paying attention to Moscow. Now that I’ve made the decision to move to Italy, Italy is at the forefront of my mind. My brain is already concerning itself with the details that must be attended to in order to make this transition smooth. I’m thinking about the people I want to see before I leave. Most of all, I’m just excited!

I feel like a little kid who knows what he’s getting for Christmas. I pray that this actually comes to fruition. Maybe I should have waited to make this public? No! I cannot go there. I cannot over-analyze what is happening and my decisions. I have to forge ahead and do my best.

And it’s funny, you know? I was Skyping with a good buddy of mine back in Oregon and he and his wife are already planning on visiting me in June of ’15. They were already planning their vacation in Italy and I was going to hook up with them. Now, they will be meeting with me and possibly staying with me and I get to play tour guide. My buddy, Barry, who’s traveling with me is seriously considering spending the summer of ’15 with me because he’ll have a place to stay. Other people are already thinking seriously about coming to visit.

And I LOVE IT. I knew that if I ever moved to Italy, people would come to visit. I mean, come on. It’s ITALY. Arguably the most glorious place on earth. Plus, they would have a place to stay and someone to show them around.

There’s also something else that is not lost on me. Having friends to come and visit would help me with such a huge transition. When I moved to Southern California in 1982 I had visitors every month for two years. I always considered it to be God’s providence to help keep me from being lonely until I felt comfortable enough to create a life for myself.

I really believe that will be the case this time, too. Obviously, I will not have people visiting every month (even though I know enough people!). But having people visiting periodically will help with the transition. Of course, the internet, social media and Skype will soften the blow of possible loneliness, too.

Anyway, back to Moscow. That’s where I am, right? Today was kinda lazy, too. Tony had more to do regarding his Ferrari that he’s trying to unload. When he returned, he took us to Gorky Park and we walked through it and along the Moscow River. Gorky Park is supposed to be the largest city park in the world and I believe it because it went on forever. Later we were going to return to Tony’s for dinner but some friends of his invited us to their place so we opted to do that instead.

This Russian couple owns a logistics business. They are opening an office in…Italy. Tony suggested I chat them up about my upcoming move and my background in logistics. I casually told them about my background and left it at that. Their office is opening in Milan later this year. Wouldn’t it be something if they offered my a job? We’ll save that dream for later.

We got home very late. Tony and Barry are already in bed. Of course, I’m still up, mind whirling. Cannot wait to get home now. We still have more to do in Moscow. We will be visiting a huge open-air market on Saturday. We also will be taking a boat cruise on the Moscow River, visiting Lenin’s Tomb and eating dinner at a Georgian restaurant. I’ve been told Georgian food eclipses Italian food. I have to find this out for myself. And all of you know what a foodie I am. I will keep you apprised.

I am very concerned, though, that I will not get to see my nephew or Tony’s ex-wife, my sister-in-law. I still don’t call her an “ex”. They have been vacationing in Bulgaria and we have not been able to communicate with them. No responses via text, email or phone. Not sure what is going on.

So, that is where things are. The trip is winding down and I was feeling kinda bummed about it. In my prayers I was talking to God and saying that I’m ready to return to Oregon and start the job search in earnest. After getting a job, I would then look for a place to live, although I was open to staying with Barry since his daughter is going off to college. But I was keeping all options alive.

And, as I prayed, I kept telling God that I knew He would provide. I wasn’t frightened of the job search even though I haven’t had a “real” job for over a year and I’m 55 years old. I was completely confident that all would work out. I had all my ducks in a row. I had been researching resume writing. I had been on LinkedIn. I had been working on my plan of attack when I returned.

As it turns out, things are completely different and I’m going to Italy. They say that “We make plans and God laughs”. I believe that.

I believe that with all my heart.


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