Day 1, Roma!

I’m back to travel blogging again. For those of you who follow and don’t yet know, I’m traveling in Europe for five weeks. It’s my last blast before I trend back from the world of make believe (writing and publishing) to the real world of schedules, cubicles and meetings.

My buddy, Barry, encouraged me to take this much time. Barry is a school teacher and has the summer off. I had been pursuing my book and Barry was of the mind that since I’m “not doing anything”, I was totally free to travel with him for as long as HE wanted. I had already planned on traveling to Europe for three weeks maximum to see my family again and hit a few other places. It was Barry who twisted my arm for this elongated visit. And I acquiesced. After all, once I get back into the corporate world, I will not have the luxury of taking this much time off for a long while. Continue reading