My inner Southern Californian

I’m getting in touch with my inner Southern Californian. When I left Oregon for this trip, I was anxious about driving these freeways, especially with the behavior of some of the drivers. I remembered how rude they can be. I remembered how they are reluctant to let you into traffic or move over a lane. Yet occasionally someone would do so. “Probably a former Oregonian”, I reasoned.

I’ve been flabbergasted to see how the freeway system has changed down here. Today I was driving on the 15 (Escondido Freeway) in eastern San Diego County. I used to live in Escondido and moved thirty years ago this June to Huntington Beach. Thirty years ago the freeway was eight lanes. Now it is fourteen lanes in most places heading to San Diego and EIGHTEEN lanes in some spots. The traffic was moving fast and there were, of course, tons of cars. Continue reading