Should I be crestfallen?

Well, I went to church today. A former member of my church in Salem, Oregon is starting a church in San Diego. I was anxious to see him so I took my friend, Isabella, with me to church and met some wonderful people. It was like being in Italy because we were getting invitations to people’s homes, dinners, etc. One delightful woman was from Austin, Texas and visiting her son in San Diego. Isabella and I now have an invitation to go to Austin, Texas.

This delightful lady opened my eyes WIDE to the reality of pushing my book in the entertainment industry. She has been intimately involved in such endeavors and has actually had success. She has contacts with editors, authors, etc.

Her advice was to NOT pass out books at the studios. When she was a neophyte in her career, she was ripped off by the theft of her idea. She learned from that experience. She told me that I absolutely had to have an entertainment lawyer to represent me. Otherwise, my idea, my life, could be stolen just by the change of a few details.

This is something that was actually swirling in the back of my mind. So now what? This lady claimed to have the name of an entertainment attorney. I will get it from her. I do not know if he’s in California or Texas or where. But this information from her has thrown a major monkey wrench into this idea (pipe dream?) of mine.

In a way, I’m somewhat relieved. Perhaps I might now have someone to represent me, assuming I can get the name of this attorney. Assuming he’ll talk to me. Assuming he thinks the book has potential. This puts the onus on someone else. Wouldn’t that be better than for me to pursue something of which I know nothing?

It would save me over a thousand dollars just from the purchase of books for these studios, a not insignificant sum considering I’m not bringing in any real income now. It also takes some pressure and angst off me. I can focus on helping my dear friend in El Cajon and spend time seeing loved ones down here.

I don’t know. Is this decision of contacting an entertainment attorney a cop-out? I don’t think so. The control freak in me wants to say “Screw it! I’m goin’ for it!” But the practical side of Bob says, “Swallow your pride. Don’t be crestfallen”. This might be a bump in the road, but it’s better than having that same road take me over a cliff.



5 thoughts on “Should I be crestfallen?

  1. Sounds like a good decision to relax and help your friend. Unless someone suggests your book to them, just because you give them one doesnt mean they would even read it. You should feel good about the opportunity to be down there and seeing friends!

  2. Well, keep us updated on your decision and how things end up in that area! It an idea I had never thought about… Glad you are having fun cuz! I love hearing about whats up!

  3. Isn’t it amazing what you learn from strangers. AND how nice they can be. Keep on “keeping”!! MP

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