Is this a bunch of crap? Responses coveted

Tonight I communicated with Monica Ingudam of Finding the Voices. She is the delightful young lady who is enthusiastically planning a worldwide podcast with me regarding my book and my adoption experience.

When she first contacted me, I was astonished. She had found my book on Goodreads and absolutely loved it. She contacted me and asked to interview me. I agreed, flattered.

But that’s not why I ask the question “Is this a bunch of crap?” As everyone knows, I’m in the San Diego area for five weeks with a hurting friend. While I’m here I’ve got a few prospects. The primary pursuit I have is the movie studios. And that’s why I ask the “crap” question.

Is this a pipe dream? Was the book a pipe dream? Is it ludicrous for me to go to the movie studios and stand outside like a dork handing out books? Hoping that water cooler discussions will follow resulting in some sort of interest.

I think about that. I think about this five week trip to California. I’m here for a reason, to help a friend. I made the decision to come down here. It wasn’t until a few days after that decision that I even considered doing anything more with the book down here. After I made the decision, I naturally had second thoughts. It seemed so ludicrous. Sometimes it still does. If I allow my mind to go there.

But it’s the same as this book thing. I made the decision to write this book. I made the decision to quit my job and promote this book with my limited resources and knowledge. Was it worth it? I think so. Was it a smart decision? Truthfully, I don’t know.

So now I’m looking at this big step, going to a fancy movie studio with executives who make hundred million dollar decisions. It’s a world shown on TV where champagne, limos and $500 lunches seem to be commonplace. I’m going to stand outside like the bum at the end of the movie “Big Business”. At least that’s what I’m going to feel like. Me, a regular Joe from Salem, Oregon. What have I got?

And it’s not like I’m expecting to be a star or famous. That’s not in the cards. I never would have considered this had I not had this opportunity to come to Southern California. This is impulsive. A pipe dream? I don’t know.

Why not take it this final step before I return to Oregon?

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I believe in that. But I also feel that we can be completely out of touch. Yet, sometimes it takes being out of touch to really get somewhere.

So I say this to everyone reading this post. What are your thoughts on this? Should I pursue this totally crazy thing? Am I being stupid?



4 thoughts on “Is this a bunch of crap? Responses coveted

  1. I don’t think you’re being stupid at all. I want to encourage you as much as I can! I have a Facebook friend who started off writing fan fiction, then wrote her first spin-off novel, and guess what? It’s been picked up by a TV network!!! Inspiring stuff. (And, between you and me, she isn’t that great a writer – she just had the guts to put her ideas out there, and they were picked up.)

    So, for what a stranger’s opinion is worth – go for it! Good luck! I’ve followed your blog in the hope of reading exciting news 🙂

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