So, I’ve moved out. Turned in the keys. Hired housecleaners to blitz the house. Now I’m ready to leave for San Diego tomorrow.

These last weeks have been very educational for me. I have spent considerable time discarding things, purging other things and selling yet others. I sold my record albums and my Matchbox cars. Sold my Tonka trucks. Even sold a bunch of teen magazines focusing on the Monkees from the sixties. Got rid of some other things, too. Made several hundred dollars.

It was weird. Watching the buyer take my Matchbox cars and my record albums was hard. I felt like I was selling my children. These were things I had kept for decades. I had kept them because they were a part of me. They held fond memories. It was like they were a touchstone for me. Reminders of simpler (happier?) time. A time when life wasn’t so rushed, so stressed, so…complicated. I held onto these items for so long because I couldn’t bear to part with them. To do so would have rendered me incapacitated. Or so I thought. Continue reading