Change of life (without the hot flashes)

Once again I haven’t written much. Things are moving along rapidly and big changes are in store.

I have been spending the last several weeks packing and discarding items. As of May 2, I will be vacating this wonderful little home I’ve been renting on a golf course and leave for San Diego for a month. All items will be stored, the house will be professionally cleaned and I will be off.

This is only a temporary stay. A good friend is going through hard times and I’ve agreed to visit her for a month. I figure that what I’m doing for my book up here can easily be done down there, right? I mean, all I need is a phone and internet connection. Besides, the entertainment industry is centered down there. Perhaps someone will recognize my talent.

Anyway, this will get me out of Salem. This is a nice city, but it’s boring as hell. I’ve been wanting out for years but the opportunity just didn’t seem to present itself. Now, once again, I am making a major decision and “just doing it”, to amend a Nike phrase. Once again, it’s one of those things that presented itself and it was up to me to take the plunge.

And I’m anticipating it. I lived in Escondido, a San Diego suburb for two years. I also spent six years in the Orange County city of Huntington Beach. I have many friends down there and I’m looking forward to seeing them. I want to see old haunts. I want to clear my head by getting out of here.

After I return in early June, I will be hooking up with my best friend, Barry. He is graciously allowing me to stay with him for awhile. Interesting thing is, three weeks after I return, Barry and I leave for a five-week trip through Europe. So the pace of life the next two months will be quite rapid.

We will be traveling first to Rome, then Florence. Then we will leave for a week with my family in Ascoli Piceno. I’ve known Barry since we were in high school. We even roomed together for a year at Oregon State University. We’ve been the best of friends for decades, yet he’s never met my family in Italy—even when two of my cousins came to visit from Ascoli in 1998. Now he will meet them all.

After Italy, we will take the train up the Adriatic to Salzburg. From Salzburg we will hit Munich. Then we will travel east to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. After that, we will take a two day train ride to Moscow where we will hook up with my brother and his family for a week. Then it’s back home where I will begin the search for a permanent place to live and a job.

Yes, a job. This book thing has not turned out as I had hoped. I suppose I was being naïve in thinking that I might be able to make a go of it this first year. Initially, I had anticipated taking two years off but the expense of promoting a book along with no income and other unforeseen expenses (most of them medical-related), necessitated this decision to stop after a year.

But I have to admit that I’m feeling very confident. This exercise in promoting my book as well as myself has given me renewed vigor in my belief in myself. I have decided to pursue writing opportunities. LinkedIn has been regularly sending me writing jobs. Most of them are technical writing jobs which initially caused me to bypass them. Then I began to think—most people can’t write. Writing is something that is an inherent trait. Technology can be learned and I am in no way a technophobe. So, I’m going to pursue these technical writing jobs and see where I land.

I am anxious, though. My life is very unstable right now. I don’t have a place to call my own. My possessions are going into storage. I have no job. I’m going to be travelling and living out of suitcases and boxes for several months. Not the type of life I ever expected for myself even though it’s temporary (I hope!). But sometimes we have to take journeys we don’t expect in order to find out what God has for us.

Along those lines I often think what my life would have been like had I made different decisions in the past. What if I had never attended college? What if I had never searched for my biological family? What if I had never moved to Southern California in 1982? What if I had married? What if I had had children? Regarding the last two, I would be more settled, but I’d be utterly miserable. I don’t know if everything that is happening is a result of an innate inability to capture my life or an innate desire to be constantly stimulated. Let’s be honest, what I’ve just described above is quite stimulating.

And there’s the rub. I have seriously considered keeping everything in storage and just packing up my car to drive across the country to see what I find. Live like a vagabond (in an SUV). Perhaps visit out of the way places; travel Route 66 so I can get my kicks. Write like Kerouac. Go out and look for America like Simon and Garfunkel. Get a taste of the many flavors and textures of America.

I doubt that will happen. I would live on a shoestring, but I don’t want to use up all my money, hence the decision to go back to the “real” world. I’m not looking forward to going back, but that’s life.

I will admit that this writing pursuit has been eye-opening for me. I’m somewhat anticipating the job search. After this experience, I’m more confident in myself and believe in myself more as I stated above. No longer will I go after bullshit jobs that have no future and don’t challenge me intellectually. I deserve a job that is as good as I am. ‘Bout time I figured that out, eh?



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  1. From: This is My Lemonade Wish I had a change of life without the hot flashes!!

    Good Luck, Bob with all your new ventures!!

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    Robert Mulkey posted: “Once again I haven’t written much. Things are moving along rapidly and big changes are in store. I have been spending the last several weeks packing and discarding items. As of May 2 I will be vacating this wonderful little home I’ve been renting on a “

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