It’s not all peaches and cream

It’s funny what you learn when you meet other people who have followed the same path.  Even though my adoption story hasn’t been perfect (indeed, whose life is?), it has turned out to be positive overall.  And while I still have a number of years (I hope!) to live, I’m confident they will be positive, too, regarding my adoption journey.

However, I’ve been recently pulled out of the myopia I’ve lived for so many decades.  I’m finding out that the adoption issue isn’t necessarily positive for everyone.  Even though I’ve known that from an intellectual standpoint, I’ve never really paid attention to it.  We’ve all heard of the adoptee who left her adoptive family to go back to her biological family.  We’ve heard of fathers who have sued to get their child back.  We’ve heard of Caucasian families who have adopted Native American children only to have the adoption challenged in court. Continue reading