Happy birthday to me

Whenever I’m interviewed about my book or adoption in general, invariably I’m asked what advice I would give to adoptees who are considering such a search.  The first thing I always say is “Expect the unexpected.  But don’t be surprised when the unexpected is not what you expect.”  When asked to elaborate, I tell the interviewer that there is no way a person can begin to prepare himself for the journey he’s about to pursue.  He will encounter emotions, feelings and situations unlike any he’s encountered before.  And he will then need to determine how to deal with them.

These emotions, feelings and situations run the gamut of humanity.  Identity, acceptance, frustration, cultural differences, nature versus nurture awareness–all will play a part in this enduring episode.  There will be bad times, heart-wrenching emotions, disagreements and frustrations.  But there will be joys, heartfelt emotions, and moments of epiphany.   All will reverberate throughout the adoptee’s life. Continue reading