A boring post (I admit it); certainly a short one

So, I’m home and life has set in.  I’ve hired a publicist/marketer to help me with my book and I’m really encouraged.  I was referred to her by John Erickson at K103FM and she’s worked with a number of professionals to get their books off the ground and jumpstart their careers.

She is going to help me with my marking and publicity (obviously).  She told me that she has three criteria in choosing to take on a client–she must feel the client is mediagenic.  By that she apparently means, someone who can speak and present himself well and knows his topic.  Also, she must believe in the book.  She’s read the prologue and first chapter of This is My Lemonade–An Adoption Story, from my website, was drawn in and really enjoyed it.  I gave her a signed copy to finish reading.  And she must believe that the person has something the media will embrace.  Adoption is one of those topics.

She will be working with me on a marketing plan, how to approach different medium (print, broadcast, social) and how to present myself.  She will help me identify key phrases and words that will resonate with a person and with a particular demographic.  She has contacts everywhere to whom she will market me to when I’m ready professionally to present myself.  For all this, I’m jazzed.  And her price is really reasonable, too.

This is something I need.  With my limitations, I’ve reached a brick wall and there’s not much more that I can do.  It’s time to bring in the bigger guns.  I’m tired of sitting here trying to figure out what to do next.  That’s where she comes in.  I told her to bury me; I don’t want to be bored and I want this project to fly.  I’m not going to hold back.  She will teach me more about blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I’m realizing, though, that I will soon probably have to return to the world of work.  In my pursuit of a writing career and the promotion of my book, I’m realizing that the money is going to take a long time to come in.  Sure, things could pop quickly, but the reality is that I’m going to need much more time to support myself through my writing and by promoting my book.  I will remain hopeful these next few weeks/months, that something will happen so I can continue in this vein.  But I must remain realistic.

It’s not something I want.  The corporate grind can get to a person.  I’m burned out from my last job, babysitting grown adults.  I have a few board members from the HOAs I managed who read my posts and they understand.  I want to continue to use my brain if and when I get back into Corporate America.  We’ll see how it goes.

If I do go looking, it will be this year.  I’ve been burning through money like crazy and all these health issues aren’t helping.  It also didn’t help when I had to spend an extra, un-budgeted $2000 in Europe.  And I still have to shell out $500 for my share of my father’s cemetery marker and another $600 for my DNA test to prove paternity.  God, it just never stops.

Nevertheless, I’m going to pursue this relationship with the publicist/marketer diligently. Because it’s me, it’s directly benefiting me.  Because I believe in this book.  Because I believe in my abilities.  Because, as I said before, I have the motivation because it’s directly benefiting me and the only on in my way is ME.  However, I must be realistic.

But in the meantime, get outta my way.


2 thoughts on “A boring post (I admit it); certainly a short one

  1. Bob, Have you considered publishing your “posts”, I find them so interesting, and your manner of writing is AMAZING> It would make for a great short story book. Keep them coming. and GOOD LUCK to you, you so deserve it. Marilyn

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