A boring post (I admit it); certainly a short one

So, I’m home and life has set in.  I’ve hired a publicist/marketer to help me with my book and I’m really encouraged.  I was referred to her by John Erickson at K103FM and she’s worked with a number of professionals to get their books off the ground and jumpstart their careers.

She is going to help me with my marking and publicity (obviously).  She told me that she has three criteria in choosing to take on a client–she must feel the client is mediagenic.  By that she apparently means, someone who can speak and present himself well and knows his topic.  Also, she must believe in the book.  She’s read the prologue and first chapter of This is My Lemonade–An Adoption Story, from my website, was drawn in and really enjoyed it.  I gave her a signed copy to finish reading.  And she must believe that the person has something the media will embrace.  Adoption is one of those topics. Continue reading