Louvre, no Notre Dame

Still somewhat sick, although I felt better after a hot shower and a long sleep.  Today was abbreviated because of my flu bug.  I took a cab to the Louvre and found out it was quite close to me.  No matter, I didn’t want to walk any more than necessary.  Even though today had quite a bit of sun, the wind is biting.

The Louvre line was a three hour wait.  I opted to go tomorrow instead.  I had arrived around 1:00 p.m. so that might have been a contributing factor.  I will try to get their earlier tomorrow; perhaps the line will be less overwhelming.

One of the problems of all these major sites is this:  they are all on or near the Seine.  When this wind whips up, I believe it’s coming off the North Sea, it cuts through your clothing.  As a result, I cannot (I will not) wait in a three hour line. Continue reading