Well, it’s time to say goodbye to broadcast media.

I have had seven radio interviews. I still have one pending in Grants Pass late next month as well as the one promised to me by KXL for which I have high hopes.

Nevertheless, I’m not kidding myself. The radio interviews have resulted in perhaps five (count ’em FIVE) book sales. This is speaking volumes to me. Pardon the pun.

Yes, I still possibly have the TV stations. But I’ve done all I can with them. Now it’s a waiting game. I truly don’t expect much in the way of a response. Let’s face it; everyone wants to be on television and the TV stations probably spend an inordinate amount of time filtering through all the “boy loses dog, boy finds dog”–type of stories. Yes, my story is compelling. I’ve learned this from my interviewers which was gratifying since they are strangers. But others have intriguing stories, too.

No, it’s time for me to pull the next rabbit out of my hat. Now I will focus on adoption organizations, reality TV shows and websites. Perhaps somehow through these leads I will score, for lack of a better term. Something tells me that this shotgun approach of hitting the masses isn’t going to work unless I get on Oprah or Ellen.

So, I will spend November focusing on all that. I will also use some time in December since I will be out for one week due to surgery. I’m not terribly sure how far I’ll get as so many people and companies slow down for the holidays. But I have to try.

I still have a couple of things coming up. But not many. I would love it if my calendar were completely full. Some day soon.